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How you can prevent the spread of invasive plants

Become familiar with invasive plant species in your area and avoid using them. When selecting plants for landscaping, check the list before purchasing to avoid buying any that are known to be invasive or have a reputation for being weedy. Use native plants whenever possible that are native to the ecological region where you want to use them. Request nurseries to carry a wide variety of native species and offer some suggestions for plants you’ve been looking for. Consumer demand is a powerful tool that can be a major driver behind greater diversity and supply of natives.

If you have invasive plants on your property, consider removing them and replacing them with native species. When visiting a natural area, be alert for invasive species. If you see some, notify the agency or organization responsible for managing the land. Before you leave, avoid carrying “hitchhiking” plant material by taking time to brush seeds from clothing and shoes and remove plant material from boats, trailers and other items.




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