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New, Relocated or Resurfaced Driveway Permits

Driveway permit applications are handled by the Department of Public Works. The Department of Public Works may be contacted by phone, 908-876-3382, or via e-mail at .

Resurfacing of an existing driveway requires a permit. Permits must be submitted to the Department of Public Works office, along with a driveway construction plan, and a $100 application fee. No construction is allowed until after approval of the driveway construction plan.

New or relocated driveways require a $100 application fee, and an escrow deposit of $500. Escrow desosits shall be provided to the Township for each driveway permit for engineering review and inspections. The escrow deposit shall be administered in accordance with the provisions of §159-53E and F, which provides for additional deposit requirements and the return of unused escrow deposits.

  • Obtain an application from the DPW Office at 54 Rock Road, Washington Township. 
  • Complete the application and submit the application, $100 application fee and escrow deposit to the D.P.W. office with the following: 
  • a driveway construction plan, drawn by a licensed professional engineer, which shows:
    • location
    • actual driveway dimensions
    • stations
    • all intended improvements to meet ordinance requirements
      • including clearing/grading for sight distance, drainage, and, where necessary, a profile of the driveway showing existing and proposed center line grade and elevations for the entire driveway length
    • A stake must be provided, at road edge, for intended centerline of new driveway, prior to the first inspection.
  • A "N.J. One Call" (1-800-272-1000) confirmation number.

Permits shall be reviewed and issued by the Township Consulting Engineer. A driveway permit is valid for a period of two years from the date of issuance. 


Department of Public Works

54 Rock Road Road
Long Valley, NJ 07853

Phone: 908-876-3382

Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM

June – August Hours
Monday to Thursday, 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Roger Read, DPW Superintendent