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Smoke Detector Disposal

The most common type of smoke detector contains a small amount of Americium 241, a radioactive material. On your wall, this material poses little threat; however, when a detector is broken open in an incinerator or a landfill, it can present .a health hazard. For this reason, all detectors, by law, must be labeled as to radioactive content. Detector companies must accept returned radioactive detectors for disposal as hazardous waste.

Homeowners can mail smoke alarms/detectors back to the appropriate manufacturer (see listing below). They should be marked "For Disposal" and sent by surface or UPS ground mail (not air mail).

Smoke Alarms/Detector Manufacturers   
Life Saver/Frynetics, Inc. 1055 Stevenson Court Suite 102W
Roselle, IL 60172
Code One/Firex/Maple Chase Products 2820 Thatcher Road
Downers Grove, IL. 60515
American Sensors 1-800-387-4219
First Alert/BRK Brands 3920 Enterprise Court
Aurora, IL 60504-2495
Dicon 3334 Main Street 
Skokie, IL 60076
Safety's Sake/Funtech 388 North Ellicot Creek Road 
Amherst, NJ 14228
Life Saver/Frynetics, Inc. 1055 Stevenson Court 
Suite 102W 
Roselle, IL 60172


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